What Is Included In A Building Inspection?

1st May 2019

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It’s a very common question that often gets asked – what is actually included in a Building & Pest Inspection?

A Combined Building & Pest Inspection consists of carrying out a comprehensive visual inspection of the property including all accessible areas. Our pre-purchase reports are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards and provide advice to prospective purchasers regarding the condition of the property, to allow them to make informed decisions.

When Gold Coast Inspections are looking over your proposed property purchase, aside from inspecting the actual building for any defects, we are also assessing environmental conditions in and around the property that may make it more susceptible to a timber pest attack. Meaning you can take action to decrease the likelihood of a potential timber pest attack in the future.

The first thing we like to know from the buyer, is if there are any specific areas of the property that concern you. This allows us to pay them special attention to give you a detailed run down after the inspection.

There are many considerations when inspecting a home, such as the age of the property, what level of wear and tear the house has seen and how the property compares to other homes of a similar age and style.

We look for structural issues, dodgy renovations or additions, and work that has not been completed to the BCA code (Building Code of Australia).

This includes but is not limited to checking for;

  • Water damage, damp or rot
  • Cracks and or structural damage that can be seen with the eye
  • Uneven floors using a laser level when needed
  • Visual evidence of pests as well as sounding
  • Evidence of rust
  • Checking all doors are operational
  • Check of dummy tiles

These checks may include the use of tools like a moisture meter, but won’t include invasive investigations to inaccessible areas of the property. If major concerns are raised, we can recommend further investigations using invasive methods, but the approval of the current owner would be required.

All pest inspections are carried out in compliance with Standard AS 4349.3-2007.

If you have any questions about what is included in a Building & Pest Inspection please contact us or visit our Frequently Asked Questions!

Cheers, Jed

Gold Coast Building Inspections.