Building Inspection Uncovers Faulty Roof Tiles

25th November 2019

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A Building Inspection With A Birds Eye View!

Gold Coast Building Inspection Varsity Lakes

Gold Coast Building Inspection Varsity Lakes


We recently carried out a Building & Pest Inspection in Varsity Lakes this week, where we found the duplex home to be around 15 years old and in good condition.

As part of our Inspections we physically climb up on top of the house and check the roofing.
From the roof I noticed that the three-way ridge tiles were all in a serious degraded condition and then made comment on these in the Building Inspection Report, and recommended that those tiles should be removed and replaced, as they were a high risk of failing in the near future.

The Buyer & Real Estate Agent were then able to use the Report to negotiate with the Seller and request that these items be repaired/replaced by a roofer before the property went unconditional.

We were updated afterward and as it turns out the Seller did arrange a Roof Tiler to attend and carry out repairs, and once he went on to the roof and applied a bit of pressure with his foot the whole tile disintegrated underneath him.  After further research it was also uncovered that a bad batch of three-way ridge tiles had been in circulation back when this house was originally built.

Luckily for the Buyer, they used Gold Coast Building Inspections to carry out a Building Inspection in Varsity Lakes before they brought their home!
They were able to use their Building Report to save themselves a lot of money and avoided a nasty surprise after settlement, as the Seller ended up replacing all the faulty tiles at their own expense.    Happy Buyers!

If you need a prompt, detailed Building & Pest Report carried out, please call us!

Pre Purchase Building Inspection from Gold Coast Inspections will usually take 1-2 hours to complete and your digital report is sent within 24 hours of the inspection (providing payment has been made!) with a follow up phone call to discuss any findings.

We usually request about a weeks notice when booking an inspection in, but if you have left it to the last minute don’t stress! We can often fit you in if time is tight.

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