Domestic & Residential Pest Inspections

Uncover any potential issues now with a Pest Inspection

The objective of a pest inspection is to test a property for pests and termites at the date and time of the inspection in accordance with the Australian Standards for timber pest inspections.

Combining the timber pest inspection with a building inspections allows a qualified builder to also check the structural timbers in your home for termite damage. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Structural load bearing timbers including bearers, joists and raftes
  • Finishing timber such as door and window holdings, architraves, skirting and cupboards
  • Outdoor timbers within 30, of the dwelling (including fences and retaining walls)

Where applicable, we also perform;

  • Electronic moisture meter check, used to identify excessive moisture created by termites, or providing conducive conditions for potential termite attacks.
  • Sounding, using a tapper to identify if timber elements are hollow.
  • Probing, using the probe to identify soft or hollow timber made so by decay, termites, delignification, borers or moister.

Timber Pests

When it comes to timber pest inspections many people think that the only thing they need to worry about is termites, but this is untrue!  There are actually three timber pests capable of causing serious damage to timber;

  • Termites
  • Borers
  • Wood decay fungi

The inspector will look for current termite infestations as well as evidence of old activity, documenting any infestations and any visible termite damage. The Pest Inspection Report will indicate whether any termite barriers exist on the property and if any termite control programs are already in place.

When Gold Coast Inspections are looking over your proposed property purchase, we are also assessing environmental conditions in and around the property that may make it more susceptible to a timber pest attack. Meaning you can take action to decrease the likelihood of a potential timber pest attack in the future.

We will conduct a visual and non-invasive pest inspection using tools and equipment for detecting termites (also known as white ants), including dampwood genus, borers and wood decay fungi.

We will also report on any evidence of rodents, wasps and high concentrations of black or brown ants.

All pest inspections are carried out in compliance with Standard AS 4349.3-2007.

If you have any particular concerns or queries about the property you can let us know and we will investigate these for you at the time of the inspection.

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