Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

When buying a new home or investment property a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection by Gold Coast Inspections could save you thousands of dollars. Our building inspections provide a comprehensive report to identify faults or defects on a property and can assist with negotiating price and submitting an offer.

What can you expect from our Pre Purchase Building Inspections?

Our highly qualified inspector will come to the property location and conduct a fully comprehensive visual inspection, utilising the latest technology to detect any issues not necessarily detectable by the untrained eye.

The areas that will be inspected cover all safe and accessible areas. The onsite inspection comprises of a full visual assessment to Australian Standards 4349.1-2007 and is inclusive of all structures within 30 meters of the dwelling and within the site boundaries including fencing.

The Pre Purchase Report will include any major and minor defects found, and these will allow the inspector to give an overall opinion of the condition of the property at the time of the inspection, comparable to other similar aged properties.

Photos of all defects found will be included in the report, and these will help you better understand the inspector when discussing the findings after the inspection.

You can expect to receive your detailed, digital report within 24 hours.

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