Building Report Reveals Slab Movement

7th February 2020

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Ok, let’s discuss the tough one – what happens when a building & pest inspection uncovers issues?

Slab movement causing interior cracking.

This week I had buyers carry out a Building and Pest Inspection in Burleigh Heads and use the building and pest report we provided to pull out of their contract.

This is not an outcome that anyone hopes for, but inevitably, some houses have defects that the buyers aren’t aware of before they sign a contract, and when these issues are brought to light through the building report, they aren’t prepared to live with them, or have them fixed.

This particular house was relatively new, but had substantial slab movement. The concrete slab hadn’t cracked out, but it had sunk along one whole side of the house.

Many homes on the Gold Coast have been built on difficult soil, so it is my standard practice at every building inspection I do, to use a laser level to check the floor heights.

In this particular report, I recommended that a structural engineer inspect the property to give us actual measurements of slab subsidence, to advise if the house would continue to move, and to advise what is involved in potentially fixing it. 

The cost for potential repairs would be unknown, and sometimes rectification of subsided slabs can be very costly. In this case the buyers were not willing to go ahead with the purchase.

Whilst it might seem disappointing that the purchase fell through, the buyers in this instance commented that ‘it was the best money they had ever spent’ by having a building and pest inspection carried out by Gold Coast Inspections.  Our report saved them thousands of dollars from unknown expenses and heart ache.

Feel free to contact us to chat about your options when purchasing a new property!  We’re happy to help.

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