Can I Attend The Building Inspection?

14th June 2019

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Finding your next family home or investment property can be a stressful and worrying time. Aside from searching for and finding the right property, you have to deal with agents, compete with other buyers and get your finance organised. The last thing you want is to find out after it’s all over that you have to throw more money into the property because of a building defect you weren’t aware of.

With an experienced building inspector on your side, you can be confident that the new home you have set your heart on really is as perfect as it looks in the brochure.

Can you attend the Building Inspection?

Yes! We invite every client to attend their home inspection and talk through any concerns they have about the property with our building inspector.
Within hours of the building inspection you will receive your digital report containing photos of any areas of concern. You also get our building inspector’s mobile phone number so you can call him and ask further questions if needed.
All the support is there for you to make the right decision on buying the right property.

What does the Inspector check for?

The Building Inspectors will report on;

  • Evidence of structural damage
  • Evidence of conditions conducive to structural damage (Areas that may produce issues in the future)
  • Evidence of major defects
  • Evidence of minor defects
  • Evidence of serious safety hazards
  • General wear and tear

You don’t need to worry about booking weeks in advance for our building inspectors. We understand the housing market and building trade and know that sometimes you need an inspection done now!

Booking your Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspection

Buy yourself peace of mind before making the decision to purchase or build your next home!  Arrange a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and Timber Pest Inspection through our ‘Contact Us’ page or call 0448 118 063.