Do I Need A Building Inspection?

6th March 2020

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Do I Need A Building Inspection?

Do I Need A Building Inspection?

Do I need a Building & Pest Inspection?
If you’re purchasing a property then we say the answer is YES!

The cost of a few hundred dollars for a combined inspection is well worth it and should be considered as an investment.
Our customers report of being saved thousands of dollars in unexpected maintenance or repairs and that having the report findings allowed them to proceed with their purchases aware of the facts.

We liken it to your dental hygiene!
…Do we need to brush our teeth? Yes.
…Is there any law that says you HAVE to brush them? No.
…Is it best practice? YES.
…And can it save you money in the long term by preventing visits to the dentist? YES!

Buying property is a large investment and it’s important to run all the checks and your due diligence before committing to the purchase.
Don’t be fooled by newly renovated facade’s or the aesthetic appearance of the building. Be sure to have the bones and structural aspects checked by licensed professionals.
Our inspections are carried out by licensed inspectors who provide a comprehensive report to identify any faults or defects on a property, and this report can assist with negotiating the price, or submitting an offer.

Our pre-purchase reports are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards and provide advice to prospective purchasers regarding the condition of the property, to allow them to make informed decisions. An offer on a property in seemingly good condition may still be able to be negotiated if any defects are found, or in some cases, the seller is able to arrange repairs prior to settlement.

We also recommend having a Pest Inspection carried out, and can help you with a combined Building and Pest Inspection on the Gold Coast.

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