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5th February 2020

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Nervous about paying your Builder the final invoice?

Want independent quality and industry standard checks during construction?

We can help with a Hand Over Inspection Report!

Gold Coast Inspections help our clients who are building a new home or investment, by providing peace of mind that you are really getting the quality you paid for with our Hand Over Inspection Reports and Stage Inspections.  Our team are licensed and insured to provide independent building & pest reports.

What is a Hand Over Inspection?

A handover inspection is a report for the owner/buyer of a newly constructed home and takes place prior to the owner/buyer taking possession of their new home, once the building work has been completed or has reached ‘Practical Completion’ stage.

A Handover Inspection Report is a great option for anyone building a new home and wanting an independent third party to assess the quality of the build prior to taking possession of the home. We are happy to liaise with your builder directly to arrange access and we can meet you on site to discuss any findings.

When should I book my inspection?

A Practical Completion Inspection / Hand Over Inspection is when we will accompany you and your builder at the walk through of the property, and collectively review the building works before a handover. It is the stage of the building process where the builder has completed all the construction and is only working on minor details.

Gold Coast Building Inspections can come along side you during the entire build process for each stage claim, or alternatively just for the final Hand Over Inspection.

As an independent party, we work for the owner/buyer to identify any outstanding defects and/or incomplete finishes, making sure the building will meet industry standards.

Hand Over Inspection Reports

Hand Over Inspection Reports

Our reports include a comprehensive check list of the standards & tolerances guide, and includes some of the following aspects;

  • Roof exterior, flashings, gutters down pipes.
  • The external finished ground falls, fences, driveway & paths.
  • The internal floors, walls, ceilings and finishes.
  • The roof space.
  • All internal and external structures.

For an additional fee, we can liaise directly with the builder on your behalf to ensure any defects found are satisfactorily rectified and can carry out a follow-up inspection to confirm.

An important note when preparing to pay your final invoice to your builder is to ensure they have received the Form 21 – Final Inspection Certificate of Occupancy from the local council or certifier. DON’T PAY YOUR FINAL BILL WITHOUT RECEIVING A COPY OF THIS!

A Certificate of Final Inspection is a statutory document issued under the Building Act 1993.  A Certificate of Final Inspection is issued for completed residential construction work (new builds, renovations & extensions).

Gold Coast Building Inspections can help you with many more tips & advice for dealing with your builder, and provide you with confidence & support as we work with you using our knowledge and experience of the building industry!

Contact us today with any queries regarding building a new home on the Gold Coast and Hand Over Inspection Reports!

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