What Are My Options When The Report Finds Defects?

10th February 2020

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What if the Building & Pest Inspection report picks up defects?

Building Report Defects

Building Report Defects

Our building reports are independent & comprehensive, commenting on most items, whether considered major or minor.
We include photos in our reports and offer a phone call after the inspection to discuss any report findings which may be of concern.

  • if it is a minor defect then you may like to offer the seller the opportunity to fix the problem so the sale can be completed.
  • major defects may also be able to be rectified by the seller at their expense to let the sale continue as planned. Sometimes major defects may need a contract period extension.
  • you may like to use the report to renegotiate the sale price to accommodate the defect and its subsequent effects. Just remember to get quotes before renegotiating.
  • if a defect is serious enough you may have the option to cancel your contract (please seek legal advice to discuss your options).

Most building report defects can be fixed, but some can’t (or are very expensive!) and it’s these that may lead to the cancellation of your contract. When reading your building inspection report look for issues with the building’s foundations or the property’s drainage. On a pest report you should be looking carefully at issues that involve infestation of the building’s structure as these can be fatal to the building.

When you arrange for a building inspection, make sure you speak to the inspector about any concerns that you have and be clear about what you want inspected. Not all building inspections include all structures such as sheds and garages, and some don’t include external fixtures such as fences or pathways.

Your report is your property, and it is your choice what you decide to do with the information it contains.

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