What Lies Beneath? Seeing Past Cosmetic Repairs

28th June 2019

Posted in: Articles

We can’t rely on the seller to point out defects, and that’s where the value of a building inspection comes to play.

While most home-buyers will have a fair idea what to look for in a property, many fall into the trap of missing the cover up. And we know that the Seller will be putting their properties “best foot forward” with its presentation, even hiding things they don’t want you to see in order to get the sale.

There are plenty of ways and means of covering up damage with cosmetic work, and we can’t rely on the seller to be upfront about repairs. Only an experienced eye will see through the facade to possible defects lying below the surface.

There is a good reason that Gold Coast Inspections uses only qualified builders as our building inspectors. A qualified builder has fundamental knowledge of a building’s structural requirements and can recognize the tell-tale signs of cosmetic patch jobs. A pre-purchase inspection could potentially save you time and money.

Home buyers expect to pay more for a property that is in demand, but if that property has serious defects, you will end up paying even more for repairs. A building inspection provides a visual inspection by a licensed inspector to determine the actual condition of the property at the time of inspection. The report allows you to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a property and could even assist with negotiations and making an offer, and end up saving you dollars in the long run.

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