What To Look For When Choosing A Building And Pest Inspector

22nd May 2019

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There are a few things to consider when choosing the “right” building inspector for your purchase.

Most people will be swayed by who their real estate agent has recommended to them and how cheap they can get the inspection for, but these shouldn’t be influencing factors when choosing a top quality inspector.

A professional real estate agent should be totally unbiased about who you choose for the building inspection and will either recommend you to choose your own, or give you multiple choices and let you pick for yourself.

If you are shopping around, know that the price for an average size house on a concrete slab will vary from company to company but should be fairly similar.

If you’ve found someone who is offering to do it significantly cheaper than everyone else, be wary, and check they are currently licensed with the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC), have current Insurance and hold a QLD Health Pest Management Technician licence.

You can carry out a licence search on the QBCC website; click here.

Having a pre purchase inspection from an independent expert is a great tool for you, not just for your peace of mind, but for negotiating the price should any issues be found.

If you have got your contract set up correctly, it can act as a safety buffer to help you to wriggle out of the sale if the property is not as it seemed.

As stated above, the absolute basic minimum requirements for a Building and Pest inspector are that they must be licensed and insured in all the areas you are requiring them for.

If possible find someone who you ‘click’ with – there is nothing worst than having a tired, worn out, cranky person who can’t communicate with you properly.

And best of all, get word of mouth recommendations if possible, but once again, make sure you can communicate with them effectively.

If you have any questions about Building and Pest Inspections please contact us or visit our Frequently Asked Questions!

Cheers, Jed

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