Why Should I Consider A Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

10th May 2019

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Because information is key – and this is true in life as well as with buying a property.

Personally, I would always rather have too much information and not have to use it, then to have not enough information that (always in hindsight) I could have used or even worse, could have saved me money, pain and heartache in the future.

Requesting a Building Inspection allows you to enter into the transaction knowing full well what you are buying.

A qualified building inspector can reassure any fears that may arise after an inspection – because a property with problems doesn’t necessarily mean that property is not worth buying.

The knowledge gained from your inspector will provide you with a good idea of any pitfalls the property may have, and you can consider all your options. This information may even allow you to negotiate with the seller.

It doesn’t make sense when we hear of buyers trying to ‘save money’ by forgoing a building inspection, when the small amount it costs for a report could potentially highlight defects that could cost much more to repair.

Especially when the property purchase outlay is quite often the most significant transaction most people will make in their lifetime.

By highlighting shortcomings of a property, it can potentially save you thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars or at the very least inform you as to what issues you will have to contend with in the years to come.

Why should you consider a pre purchase building inspection?
So you can enter into the transaction knowing full well what you are buying, the good and bad.

A Pre Purchase Building Inspection from Gold Coast Inspections will usually take 1-2 hours to complete and your digital report is sent within 24 hours of the inspection (providing payment has been made!)

We usually request about a weeks notice when booking an inspection in, but if you have left it to the last minute don’t stress! We can often fit you in if time is tight.  Call 0448118063.

If you have any questions about Building and Pest Inspections please contact us or visit our Frequently Asked Questions!

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