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Inactive Termite Evidence

A real situation from a recent Building & Pest Inspection where inactive termite evidence was found. How did our Report help the Buyer? Read More


What Is Due Diligence?

Before you buy a home you should be aware of a range of issues that may affect that property and impose restrictions or obligations on you, if you buy it. A building and pest inspection is one way to ensure that there are no unseen building issues. Read More


Beware A Dodgy DIY Reno!

If the property houses a new-ish extension, you won’t know if the building work is compliant just by looking at it; nor will you know if the work has been carried out safely. Read More


What Are A Building Inspectors Qualifications?

Purchasing a new property is quite often the largest investment of a lifetime, and so how equally important that you protect yourself against any unknown issues by ensuring that a building and pest inspection is carried out by a licenced and qualified inspector. Read More


Do I Need A Pest Inspection?

A building inspection alone is a structural and cosmetic check of the property, and doesn't include a search for evidence of pests and/or termites. Read More


Building and Pest Inspection Burleigh

Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections Burleigh Pre-Sale Building & Pest Inspections Burleigh Pre-Auction Building & Pest Inspections Burleigh Building Inspections Burleigh Pest Inspections Burleigh Read More


How To Book A Building Inspection

Purchasing a new property can be overwhelming, but don't worry! Let us break it down for you with our easy to understand reports and 24 hour direct mobile service. Here's how... Read More


What Lies Beneath? Seeing Past Cosmetic Repairs

There are plenty of ways and means of covering up damage with cosmetic work, and we can't rely on the seller to be upfront about repairs. Only an experienced eye will see through the facade to possible defects lying below the surface. Read More


Love At First Bite! Termites & Pest Inspections

Timber in direct contact with soil often carries high moisture and this the perfect home for a Termite Nest. When Gold Coast Inspections are looking over your proposed property purchase, we are also assessing environmental conditions in and around the property that may make it more susceptible to a timber pest attack. Meaning you can take action to decrease the likelihood of a potential timber pest attack in the future. Read More


Can I Attend The Building Inspection?

Finding your next family home or investment property can be a stressful and worrying time. Aside from searching for and finding the right property, you have to deal with agents, compete with other buyers and get your finance organised. The last thing you want is to find out after it’s all over that you have to throw more money into the property because of a building defect you weren’t aware of. Read More