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What To Look For When Choosing A Building And Pest Inspector

There are a few things to consider when choosing the “right” building inspector for your purchase. Most people will be swayed by who their real estate agent has recommended to them and how cheap they can get the inspection for, but these shouldn't be influencing factors. Read More


Why Should I Consider A Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

Requesting a Building Inspection allows you to enter into the transaction knowing full well what you are buying. A qualified building inspector can reassure any fears that may arise after an inspection - because a property with problems doesn’t necessarily mean that property is not worth buying. Read More


What Is Included In A Building Inspection?

When Gold Coast Inspections are looking over your proposed property purchase, aside from inspecting the actual building for any defects, we are also assessing environmental conditions in and around the property. We look for structural issues, dodgy renovations or additions, and work that has not been completed to the BCA code. Read More