When Should I Arrange A Building Inspection?

2nd June 2021

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When should I arrange a building inspection?

Other states operate differently, however in Queensland, the best time to arrange a building inspection is after you have made an offer on a property and it has been accepted, and you’ve signed a contract.
BUT make sure that your contract includes a spacious timeframe to allow you to book in an unbiased inspector, and ensure that the conditions/clause are worded in your favour to allow you the flexibility to either amend your offer or pull out of the contract completely if the building & pest report brings to light any areas of concern. Protecting yourself with your purchase is the main goal and your solicitor will be the best advisor regarding what wording to include with your offer & contract. Gold Coast Inspections offer combined building & pest reports. Read more here.

Knowledge is power, and the building & pest report will provide you with all the details about the property, good & bad, and will allow you to make an offer with your eyes open, and based on all the facts.    The price you pay for the building inspection might just save you thousands!

If you’re looking to buy at auction, it’s just non-negotiable that you get the building and pest inspection done prior to even turning up on the day – because if you are the successful buyer under the hammer, you are unconditional and there’s no turning back!!

Sometimes, the current home owner or real estate agent have provided prospective buyers with a report they’ve arranged themselves, and whilst that might be free and save you a few hundred dollars, its important to understand that the inspection may not be unbiased as you are not the client of the inspector, and that the inspectors report contents will be written to suit the seller.  It is highly recommended that you contract an independent inspector and make your own arrangements for a report so you have peace of mind that your inspector is working for you and has disclosed every potential issue in terms of the property and your offer.

Even brand-new homes can have defects; many pre-owned properties are spruced up to make them more appealing and increase its value. Some houses are better maintained than others; and it’s also not unusual for some sellers to be completely unaware that their property has issues.

Remember that any minor or major issues detected through a building and pest inspection will mean added costs for repair. So you and the seller will have to agree on who will shoulder the expenses to take care of what kinds of issues. You can simply negotiate a lower price for the property depending on what problems are revealed in the inspector’s report. Or you can opt to back out of the purchase if the issues are unacceptable to you.

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